Quick Insulation for Your Airstream

We have a 2016 and it is not very well insulated.  One improvement we did just last week in preparation for the heat is to buy some bubble-wrap-like insuation from Lowe’s (Home Depot did not have it).  It comes in 2′ x 25′ rolls.  It is all silver.  I simply cut 6′ sections and slipped it behind the curtains (it fit perfectly: one for the left, one for the right of both the front and back.) It makes a noticeable difference. 

When I want to open the curtains, I simply roll up the insulation that would normally cover the part of the window that we want to expose and clip the roll to the curtains.  It looks like a shutter.  Hardly noticeable.  It took me less than 30 minutes to install with just scissors.   

The product is called Reflectix.  It is a reflective bubble standard edge insulation.  Model:  BP24025  Here is the Amazon link:


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